Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico - The World's Brightest Among the Three

Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico - The World's Brightest Among the Three

By Stephanie Velazquez

There are three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. The brightest of the three can be experienced in Vieques island. The glow is described as pixie dust or shooting stars in the ocean, such glow produced by microscopic organisms that sparkle each time the water is agitated. 

Even though the bio bay in Vieques is the brightest, saying that it is not worth visiting the others because they are not as bright as the one in Vieques is something we're not going to do here. It is outrages to even think that! Something that is not man made, but created by Mother Nature is always worth experiencing. You get to experience a phenomenon that can only be appreciated in a 100% natural ecosystem since scientists haven't been able to recreate an environment to keep these organisms. They too have to travel to study them in their natural habitat. 

Three Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico 


Southern town of Lajas, Puerto Rico is where La Parguera is located. It is the only bay in Puerto Rico where swimming is allowed. So don't forget to wear your bathing suit as well as being aware of the products you use on your body. Wearing DEET FREE Mosquito Repellent is something we always recommended, natural deodorants and body lotions that are non toxic, to help preserve the wildlife.


Laguna Grande is the brightest bay on the main island compared to La Parguera. The experience starts off through a mangrove channel that leads into the big lagoon. 


Puerto Mosquito (Mosquito Bay) is located on a small island on the Southeast of the main island of Puerto Rico. The bio bay tour requires you to stay the night on the island since flights and the ferry stop running after 6:00 pm. There may be occasions when the ferry may run after, simply keep watch at the calendar for times at

For peace of mind, we recommend planning to spend the night. There are many beautiful airbnb options as well as great hotels and guesthouses

Puerto Mosquito in Vieques island is not just the brightest bio bay in Puerto Rico, but it is the brightest in the world. Promise we are not making this up to get tourists to visit Vieques. It's on the Guiness Book of World Records. Most bays, like the bays on the main island are seasonal, they glow more during certain months than others. However, Mosquito Bay glows year-round. 

The fact that the water glows with every touch is not the only incredible element during this experience. The glow is absolutely the cherry on top, but so are all the other factors, like the mangroves surrounding the bay, the animals that live in the mangrove trees, the schools of fish in the water that make the bay a nursery, the micro-organisms responsible for the glow, and the miraculous sky full of stars in a bay with very little light pollution around. We like to say that the bio bay experience is a trifecta; you get to do kayaking at night time in the ocean where you learn about the ecosystem around the bay, under the stars, and glowing waters with every touch.  

The best night to go is during new moon. You want to stay away from full moon if you visit La Parguera and Laguna Grande, however, if you are going to Mosquito Bay in Vieques, even if you go during a moon night, you will still have a wonderful time. 

Whichever bay you end up going to, don't forget to wear DEET FREE mosquito repellent and to tip your tour guides if you have a great time.