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  • Boat and Shore Excursions in Vieques, Puerto Rico: Bioluminescent Bay Tour, Snorkeling Tour, Boat Charter, and Fishing Charter.


Boat and Shore Excursions in Vieques, Puerto Rico: Bioluminescent Bay Tour, Snorkeling Tour, Boat Charter, and Fishing Charter. Book an Experience

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the brightest bioluminescent bay is here in Vieques. The Bio Bay venture is more than a kayaking tour. It is a trifecta! A night time kayaking under a sky full of stars, while learning about the surrounding wildlife, and the exposure to the glow of the water with each touch.

Salty Spirit showing proper behavior around the sea turtles

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Going with a local guide ensures that you will be able to actually see ocean organisms which you would normally miss if you were to go on your own. The crew is aware of weather conditions, tides, and the island's top locations. We always take our guests to the best spots taking into consideration weather conditions. We enjoy sharing everything we know about the island and wildlife.

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World’s Brightest Bio Bay Experience

World’s Brightest Bio Bay Experience

Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico - The World's Brightest Among the Three

Bioluminescent Bays in Puerto Rico - The World's Brightest Among the Three

Don't cancel your vacation to Puerto Rico

Don't cancel your vacation to Puerto Rico

Real Customer Reviews from TripAdvisor

My tour guide Stephanie is phenomenal. She was knowledgeable, fun, and a pleasure to have as my guide, and she took time to make sure I was well taken care of during the whole experience. I would totally recommend this to anyone coming to Vieques and would definitely do again if I come back to this beautiful island!

Anne C.

Fabulous snorkeling tour. Our two guides were wonderful, assisting our autistic daughter while letting her brother snorkel without a life vest, allowing him to dive down with supervision. We saw lots of turtles, rays, octopi and fish. We’d been to that beach by ourselves the day before but we’d seen nothing because we didn’t know where to snorkel. It was well worth it going on this snorkeling tour and, to me, it was the highlight of our trip to Vieques, even better than the seriously impressive bioluminescent bay.

Julian E

We enjoyed the bio bay tour; our guide was great. He had so much information and taught us so much more than just some very cool glowing water. Not only provided extensive knowledge about the bay but the entire area and the stars! It was a great night and have already told everyone they should check it out!

Billy D

Salty Spirit was awesome. They took us snorkeling to Puerto Plata on the west side of the island. Amazing experience! They provided everything. We were lucky enough to see a Sea Turtle and Spotted Eagle Ray. The tour guide knew everything about the wildlife too. Impressive. Would definitely go back and do it again. In the morning though, ocean was a little rough in the afternoon. Still awesome though.


Deannie was an excellent snorkeling guide! She was very helpful as it was my wife’s first time ever snorkeling She was also very patient and very attentive while we were on the water. She was constantly pointing out interesting things in the coral, fish, the two stingrays we say as well as making sure we saw the turtles that she spotted.
Absolutely would do this again!

Adam C

We chartered a boat for the afternoon for a snorkel tour. As a couple, we initially couldn't rationalize spending the money to charter a boat for ourselves, so we asked the other couple staying on the same property as we were if they'd like to join us. Fortunately, they gladly accepted. Thus tour was awesome, and truly a highlight of our trip! Michelle and Juan took us to see several boat wrecks. There was so much sea life! We saw many tropical fish, a couple of nurse sharks, barracuda, sting rays, puffer fish, and a turtle. The lighting underwater in the afternoon was spectacular. We went to spots where there were no other people around except for the 4 of us. We had plenty of time in the water, and didn't feel rushed, as we often have felt on snorkel trips elsewhere. We're so glad that we decided to go with Salty Spirit for our adventure.

Debbie F