World’s Brightest Bio Bay Experience

World’s Brightest Bio Bay Experience

By Stephanie Velazquez

Have you ever seen a stingray glowing in the ocean?  Yes, like that Moana scene. You can notice every single thing that moves in the water. Spoiler alert: when it rains, it looks like blue fire everywhere. Therefore, if you thought a tour was going to be cancelled because of some rain, think again! Unless, of course, there are small children, heavy rains, lightning and thunder. Otherwise, it is the coolest when raindrops hit the water, like blue fire on the surface of the water. 

Where the magic starts

The experience of every Salty Spirit tour begins at the Muelle de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Pier) in Esperanza, the touristy town. There are guest houses and restaurants that are walking distance from the pier. The beach in Esperanza is spectacular and there are a couple hiking trails where you end up overlooking the ocean. It is extremely convenient for those who don’t have a rental car to meet the crew if they are staying in Esperanza.

Check in

Once the crew has checked you into our system, they will give out liability waivers to sign, then lead you to the bus. Our bus is a small school bus and it truly feels like you’re on the way to ocean school. We sure love our bus! The ride to the Bio Bay is about a 15 minute drive and it’s so much fun! Be prepared for a bumpy road. The Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (Department of Natural Resources), DRNA, fixes the dirt road to get to the bay from time to time, so it’s not too crazy. It’s fun and it’s actually the only way to get there! Kids seem to love the bumpy road.

We made it to Puerto Mosquito (Mosquito Bay)

This is the perfect moment to put your cell phone on airplane mode, there should  be a kayak mode, and unplug yourself from all man-made devices, responsibilities and worries. Fully engage in the now! A place where you can connect with nature. When we make it to the Bio Bay, we encounter what we call a ‘nature slap’. That is a slap of different scents, including that of the night blooming Jasmine flower, a soft-sweet and delightful fragrance.

The Bio Bay Tour Experience

Further instructions will be given on how to kayak before entering the water, before you experience extreme beauty. The moment you have been waiting for. The experience of a body of water glowing, the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay! With every touch, with each fish moving, with the wind caressing the surface of the water,  the trail the kayaks leave behind them as they move on the water, all these elements make the water glow. It is magical and surreal, the fascinating things nature can do. While you are in the water make sure to kayak with ease, be silent from time to time so that you can hear the waves crashing at the open ocean in the distance. If you have never viewed the milky way, well, this is going to be your night. On clear nights (when there are no clouds), the tour guides will get their laser out and point out constellations.

Questions you can ask the tour guides

Do not hesitate to ask questions. This tour is not a tour guide’s monologue, you will not be listening to a memorized tour guide script. You can ask your tour guide anything at any moment during the tour and you can be sure that you will not be throwing them off. The ocean has become our second home and we get excited to share as much information as we are asked! Salty Spirit tour guides enjoy interaction with visitors. Here are some questions to break the ice:

  1. Why is the name Mosquito Bay?
  2. What makes this bay so special that it's the brightest in the world?
  3. What happens if I take some of this water with me back home?
  4. How deep is the water?
  5. What type of fish are in the water?


It is recommended to save up to 2 hours from your schedule, this includes check-in, travel time on the bus to the Bio Bay, instructions before getting on the kayaks, the one full hour experience in the water, arrival back to shore and return of equipment provided, and finally, travel time on the bus back to the meeting location where it all began. The Bio Bay Tour is more than just a kayaking tour. Travelers get to star gaze, kayak, and experience a body of water glowing. The best things certainly happen at night!

Pro tip: 

Make sure to grab dinner before going on the tour since most restaurants close their kitchen at 9:00 pm.