Can you see bioluminescence near the full moon in Vieques?

Can you see bioluminescence near the full moon in Vieques?

By Stephanie Velazquez

Without getting technical, here’s our simplest way to answer this question. 

First of all, we hope you don’t simply go to the bio bay JUST to see the glowing water. We hope you are coming for the trifecta of an experience. When you go on a bioluminescent bay tour, you get to experience a starry night (if it’s not cloudy), night time kayaking experience on a calm body of water with the different sounds that come from the birds that live in the mangroves, AND the cherry on top, the glow that occurs each time you agitate the water. 

Every night after the full moon, the moon rises an hour after. Even if you get to see the moon during your tour, the moon will not be as bright as the night that it was full moon. 

Additionally, Puerto Mosquito (Mosquito Bay) is the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay. It is healthy, it is doing well, and we are all always excited to be out there sharing all the science we have learned and continue learning about this elegant wonder of nature.  

With this being said, it is important that visitors consider that tour operators cannot control the amount or percentage of glow they expect to experience in order to consider their outing as “the perfect night”. There are factors, like natural elements, other than the full moon, that may conspire against visitors' idea of that “perfect night”, such as, water temperature changes, heavy showers of rain, or sudden weather changes. 

What we CAN guarantee, however, is that the level of service that our crew delivers exceeds our customers expectations.

  • Clear bottom kayaks.
  • We specialize in small groups of no more than 10 participants. 
  • Latest scientific findings.
  • Certified local crew members.
  • A crew that considers family bonding as well as providing an educational and fun experience for everyone.

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