About Us

     Salty Spirit is a company owned and operated by individuals who have the utmost respect and love for nature. Our team originated on Vieques island. A small island of the Caribbean on the East of Puerto Rico is where the addiction for the ocean began. It all started in the mid 90’s when CEO of Salty Spirit, Anak Padró learned to surf. It was the best moments of his life, where he was able to disconnect and grow with experiences. After, in his early adult life, during the period of time following the many different types of job careers he had, nothing made sense. The ocean was always the place he was drawn to after a very long day at an unfulfilling job. Anak didn’t just surf, but he also enjoyed spearfishing for sport and navigating  boats, he did not focus on just one water sport. “Why can’t I always be here?” -He questioned himself. This question was the turning point of his livelihood. He proceeded to work as a tour guide, getting CPR certified, getting licenses such as lifeguard, Navigation, Rescue Diver, and even became a Merchant Mariner or licensed captain. If navigating yachts wasn’t enough, he  wanted more, such as opening opportunities for those with the same passion. Collaboration and creating community is fundamental. 

     Getting together with creative minds who share the same passion was THE game changer. It was then when the baby was born by individuals who are devoted to fishing, camping, surfing, and many other water sports. Salty Spirit is a team united by the same appreciation for the ocean.

Mision / Vision

At Salty Spirit, we support non profit organizations that help with the protection of sea turtles, lead coastal cleanups to help keep our oceans and reefs in the best health possible. Even with small efforts, we believe we can help make an immense difference!

The team is all about passion, fun, and taking action, working diligently towards developing sustainable products and unique latest trending styles and designs you will not find anywhere else, providing excellent customer service and an easy, stress-free shopping experience!


Relationship Manager - Team | saltyspiritpr

Stephanie Velazquez

Relationship Manager

CEO - Team | saltyspiritpr

Anak Padró


Graphic Artist - Team | saltyspiritpr

Jose Pérez

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist & Tour Guide - Team | saltyspiritpr

Shukovsky Marin

Graphic Artist & Tour Guide


  • saltyspiritpr

    Great time kayaking in the bioluminescent bay!

    We loved our kayak tour through the bio bay. It was very well run, timely, and interesting. Our guides were bilingual and made the experience very fun. Great job Chewey and Hunter! Would love to go back during a new moon.

  • saltyspiritpr

    Salty Spirit Bio Tour

    Amazing experience. We went with Captain Chewy and Hunter, they were outstanding guides. Very knowledgeable, entertaining, and clearly loved what they did for a living (who wouldn't?!). My friend and I were lucky enough to have a tour with just the two of us and the guides and conditions were beautiful. You get about an hour on the water, learn about some of the biology and history behind the bay for 60 dollars per person. Its definitely worth it.

  • saltyspiritpr

    Very friendly, knowledgeable and organized.

    Anak was a wonderful guide who knew all about Vieques. The trip to Mosquito Bay (Bio Bay) was wonderful. My only concern is the reliance on cell phones for communication. We did not have local sim cards so only had internet access (via WiFi) at our hotel.