Where to stay in Vieques? | Esperanza may be convenient

Where to stay in Vieques? | Esperanza may be convenient

By Stephanie Velazquez
If you have a car rental, by all means, stay wherever since most places will be 15 to 20 minutes away from wherever you are staying. Although it is highly recommended since there is so much to see and explore on the island overall, it is not mandatory and if renting a vehicle is not something you are interested in doing during your stay in Vieques, staying in Esperanza may save you a lot of headache.


3 Reasons to stay in Esperanza

1.) Most of the tour operators meet in town Esperanza as well as public van transportations (publicos) and taxis

2.) The beach is very close by. Sun Bay, Esperanza Beach with the sugar piers where kids can jump off from, adults as well (it's a good workout).

3.) Some of the restaurants we enjoy in Esperanza are Cafe del Mar, Bili, Rancho Choli, Trade Winds, El Blok and El Quenepo. 

You can stop by our kiosk located across from El Quenepo restaurant and next to the Muelle de Pescadores (Fisherman’s Pier) to say hello and ask for directions. We are always happy to help guide you to the best locations we know of. We always have island maps and Vieques Insider Magazines


Playa Sun Bay is a favorite to many. It is close by, there is a cafe called Cafe Arena Mar, there are bathrooms and showers in the facility, and the beach is spectacular with lots of shade and clear water- white sandy beach. 

Esperanza Beach is located across from where all the restaurants are on road 997. Some people pass by our kiosk and ask, "where is the closest beach?". That is such a weird question to us since right behind our kiosk is the beach. It is a beautiful beach, the water is clear, there are spots where there is good shade, so if you can see the ocean, and it looks safe, that's what we consider the closest beach. The beaches around the island are not restricted, you don't have to pay parking fee or entrance fee, so enjoy which ever beach you feel like getting into.

El Cocal is very easy to access, however, not many know where to locate this beach since it looks like you are walking into someone's yard.  El Cocal is right in front of Casa Encantada.  You will not regret making it here. There are beautiful boulders on the right side, this is the side you should go since it is the calmest. You can make it to the other side and find a small private beach area. It is so beautiful. 

Cayo de Tierra is another favorite, especially to locals. The beach is typically quiet and relaxing. From el Blok Hotel, pass the big sugar pier, heading toward east, and continue walking along the beach until you reach the Cayo. Pass the sandbar and you get to the little island. There are signs that will lead you to the top where you can overlook the bio bay, Sun Bay and get a nice ocean breeze. 

Playa Negra - Keep in mind that the walk to Playa Negra is a little ways from Esperanza. It may take you 20 to 30 minutes to get to the entrance. It’s a good idea to catch a taxi or publico to take you to the entrance since in order to actually get to the beach, it will take up to 15 minutes by walking from the entrance. The hike is easy, and not strenuous at all. You can wear flip flops and comfortable clothing. 

Additional information:

Schedule your taxi rides ahead of time, click here for recommendations.The price ranges from $5.00 to $10.00 per person one way. Some may charge $20.00 per person if you request to be transported to the beaches in the Fish and Wildlife Refuge. 

What’s it going to be, will you rent a car and explore or will you chill in Esperanza?