Plan ahead for a car rental or schedule a taxi.

Plan ahead for a car rental or schedule a taxi.

By Stephanie Velazquez

Yes, the island is small, and if you thought you could go anywhere and everywhere by walking, think again! There is so much to explore and beaches to experience, you will regret it if you don't rent a vehicle, especially if your stay is at least for 3 days. Car rentals book up quickly, so make sure to make the reservation as soon as you can.

Here's a list of car rentals on the island

Avis: (787) 397-2533

Coqui Car Rental: (787) 741-3696

Fun Brothers: (787) 435-9372

Maritza's Car Rental: (787) 741-0078

Scooters for rent: (939) 437-2053

The Pirates BioBay Tours and Rentals (787) 436-6082

Vieques Car Rental: (787) 412-8540 

Vieques UTV Rental: (787) 900-2535

Here's a list of individuals who rent their vehicles

Angelo: (787) 564-2000

Joel: (787) 444-6967

Miguel: (787) 449-0813

Pepo: (939) 383-7716

It's not over yet if you can't get a rental during high season. You can always schedule a taxi to drive you to your desired destination. 

Ali: (787) 988-5357

Angie: (787) 455-4596 *is also a Sight Seeing Guide*

Angel: (787) 243-2564 

Brache: (340) 690-2821

Dimary: (787) 318-7864

741 TAXI: (787) 741-8294