Is it worth visiting the bio bay in Vieques near the full moon?

Is it worth visiting the bio bay in Vieques near the full moon?

By Stephanie Velazquez

Frequently asked question about the Bio Bay

Can I still see the glow 2 days before the full moon? 

Answer: DRNA (Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales) prohibits tour operators from conducting trips on the night of the full moon, the night before, and the night after. This restriction aims to provide these organisms with a break from human contact during the brightest moonlit nights. However, this does not mean that the bioluminescent bay does not glow or that visiting around the full moon is not worthwhile.

In simple terms, if you have never experienced Puerto Mosquito (Mosquito Bay), the world’s brightest bay, there is truly nothing you can quite compare it to, right? The crucial question is the bay's health, and we can assure you, it is thriving. The bay shines brightly, and every night is spectacular. The water illuminates whenever you agitate the surface with your hands, paddles, or when a fish swims by your kayak.

It is important to consider factors that are beyond our control, like natural elements, fluctuations in water temperature, rain, or unexpected weather shifts, that may conspire against “the perfect night”.

While we cannot influence the weather, we can ensure that our services are exceptional and that we are eager to share our knowledge with our visitors.

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