Organize your first Beach Cleanup

Organize your first Beach Cleanup

By Stephanie Velazquez

1.) Identify a clean-up site.

2.) Visit the site in advance.

3.) Get city permission to host a beach cleanup and information on disposal of trash.

4.) Gather supplies, like trash bags, gloves. 

5.) Plan how to handle hazardous objects (we usually bring along buckets for sharp objects that can break the trash bags).

6.) Line up event partners and sponsors.

7.) Open event on Facebook and invite friends or send invitations individually.

8.) Plan for a water filling station. Recommend volunteers to bring re-usable water bottles.

9.) Sign up to our Newsletter and find out when our next beach clean up will be.

10.) Don't let the nerves stop you from doing something good. A beach cleanup is simply that, cleaning up the beach from all the trash. As long as that is your goal and you work on it, you will do great!

Reach out to us if you have questions, we are always happy to help!

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