Don't cancel your vacation to Puerto Rico

Don't cancel your vacation to Puerto Rico

By Stephanie Velazquez

Why would you cancel your vacation to Puerto Rico? Okay, for a hurricane, totally understandable, but there is really no need for canceling your trip just because the media only talks about the affected areas. The areas affected by hurricane Fiona were in the southwest of Puerto Rico. The rest is ready for tourism.

Hurricane Fiona passed Vieques island as a tropical storm and after it passed our island, it then touched land in the Southwest of Puerto Rico as a category 1 hurricane. As the tropical storm passed by our island it did so as a storm and it stirred up the ocean, a lot sargassum washed up on the South side beaches, however, we did start noticing progress daily, at this moment, all the beaches are beautiful, the snorkeling locations are absolutely wonderful, and the boat trips around the island are happening everyday. Nature always finds a way to recover and we are always excited and looking forward to showing you around.

Scroll down, here's a teaser of Vieques, even after the storm: 

Sea shells in every beach around Vieques

 Sunset from Sun Bay Beach in Vieques

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