5 Benefits of touring with a local vs a foreign operator

5 Benefits of touring with a local vs a foreign operator

By Stephanie Velazquez

It all boils down to, how intimately do you want your vacation to be?

Anak Padro (founder & ceo) during a beach cleanup with high-schoolersAnak Padro (Founder & CEO) during a beach cleanup with highschoolers. 

1.) When you tour with an actual local, one who was born and raised on the island, that local who knows the island like the back of their hand, will always give an edge to your vacation over operators that are not from Vieques.

2.) A local tour operator has a certain pride and passion for showing off the islands' treasures as well as educating in ways to protect them.

3.) Local operators have extensive networking on the island and are able to connect you with different services you may need during your vacation.

4.) You can learn and experience places of the island not many know of or know how to get there.

5.) You help support the local economy and generations of locals on the island. 

If Vieques is on your travel list, or you are searching all companies in order to decide which tour to choose from, consider a Viequense owned company like ours. A tour with us supports collaborations with local non profit organizations such as MantaTicatove, and Sandra Reyes Art Camp for beach cleanups and environmental education.