Unified by the same passion

Trying to include everyone from the crew in one name is how Salty Spirit was born. From surfers, to captains, tour guides, free divers, scuba divers, fishermen, and even beach bums. Locals who found a way to integrate what they enjoy doing on their free time to calling it "work". 

Salty Spirit is owned and operated by a team who have the utmost respect and love for nature. The experience of that feeling for the ocean is what we aspire to transfer to our guests in each trip. 

Everything we do, we believe that we can respectfully enjoy the island’s natural resources while having a good time.

We do so by providing educational and fun experiences where visitors learn the most about the island’s wildlife and how to keep it safe. Providing exceptional customer care with local tour guides that are knowledgeable and trained to conduct outstanding excursions including exceptional customer service.