Welcoming new crew members and gearing up

Welcoming new crew members and gearing up

By Stephanie Velazquez

During October is the best time for us to gear up with brand new equipment to serve nothing but the best to our customers since it is the month when there is less traffic of tourism on the island. The month of October is also the month when we welcome and train new Salty Spirits making sure we prepare for the high season, which is November through March.  We strive to make our customers feel comfortable in each and every single one of our tours with the best equipment and well trained crew members so that during the adventure we can all have a great experience from the moment of booking to taking you on the actual trip. 



We use three person Ocean Kayaks for the Bioluminescent Bay Tour and provide back rests for even more comfort. The reason why we choose three person kayaks is for parents to be able to bring along their small child on the kayak with them. These kayaks are perfect for the ocean, hence the name. They have a drain hole where water that comes in will filtrate back out which will keep the kayak stable.



Our life jackets are adjustable, they go from slim to supersize. They are comfortable and easy to wear.



A 23ft Mako center console with two 85 hp motors is the vessel we use for our Boat Charter and Fishing Charter. Anyone that has been on our tours can tell you what a smooth ride this is. There is shade and there is always a great captain and first mate in charge of the navigation and passengers. Check out our instagram for content.


Booking a trip

Reserving your date and time slot ahead of time is highly recommended since we will have a busy season and it is very hard to book last minute reservations. It's easy to book a tour with us! You can simply check the calendar for your desired trip on our website, send us an email at info@salty-spirit.com or give us a call at (787) 477-8664