Top 3 places to check out in Vieques without a tour

Top 3 places to check out in Vieques without a tour

By Stephanie Velazquez

Taking a tour with an experienced local tour guide is highly advised since they are knowledgeable about the local wildlife and the island's history. A tour guide can typically show visitors cool things they wouldn't be able to notice on their own. However, the following locations are easy to access and perfectly safe for you to venture accompanied by your loved ones. Without further ado, enjoy our top 3 places we recommend for you to check out. 

1.) Black Sand Beach

Yes, the sand is actually black. However, the sand isn't just what's cool about this beach, but the fact that you have to hike to get there. Don't worry, the hike is not strenuous at all. It's an easy 10 to 15 minute walk. You can even get it done wearing your sandals. We even share the path with horses at times that are walking the opposite direction as we are, making us feel like back in the day when cars didn't exist. 

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                             Photo Credit: Diana Ramos Gutierrez

2.) Forte Conde de Mirasol

Enjoy a historical building where you can learn about its history, island history, art, and admire the view of Puerto Rico and Culebra. 

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3.) Observation Platform in the Fish and Wildlife Refuge

There are two options. You can hike for one mile or you can drive to the top. From this platform you can view 3 bays on the South, Bahia Tapon, Bahia Puerto Ferrro, and Bahia Puerto Mosquito (the bio bay).

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