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  • saltyspiritpr

    Great time kayaking in the bioluminescent bay!

    We loved our kayak tour through the bio bay. It was very well run, timely, and interesting. Our guides were bilingual and made the experience very fun. Great job Chewey and Hunter! Would love to go back during a new moon.

  • saltyspiritpr

    Salty Spirit Bio Tour

    Amazing experience. We went with Captain Chewy and Hunter, they were outstanding guides. Very knowledgeable, entertaining, and clearly loved what they did for a living (who wouldn't?!). My friend and I were lucky enough to have a tour with just the two of us and the guides and conditions were beautiful. You get about an hour on the water, learn about some of the biology and history behind the bay for 60 dollars per person. Its definitely worth it.

  • saltyspiritpr

    Very friendly, knowledgeable and organized.

    Anak was a wonderful guide who knew all about Vieques. The trip to Mosquito Bay (Bio Bay) was wonderful. My only concern is the reliance on cell phones for communication. We did not have local sim cards so only had internet access (via WiFi) at our hotel.